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Precision Machining – Ship Stabilizer Components

A large cruise ship bound for Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico was docked at the Port of Portland for emergency repairs. Its stabilizer system had significant wear. Multiple components required precision machining and strict adherence to OEM specifications, in terms of technical dimensions and repair process. The drydock schedule was also critical and all repairs must be completed on or prior to the assembly schedules. Varying availability/pick up times of parts to be machined presented another challenge. To meet all requirements, our team provided intensive project management, round the clock machining schedule, and 24/7 transportation services. Due to our team’s experience with complex, precision-intensive projects such as this, all machined parts were assembled without issues. Read more on our engineered repair solution and results below.


  • Part: Upper & Lower Stabilizer Pintles, Trunnions, and Thrust Rings 
  • Details: Pintles: 48″ dia. and 7,601 lbs. / Trunnions: 50″ dia. and 4,059 lbs. / Thrust Rings: 49″ dia. and 1,087 lbs.
  • Customer: Ship Builder / Master Service Contractor


  • Multiple components required precision machining simultaneously.
  • Critical timeline due to drydock schedule required intensive project management.
  • Up to five large machine tools staffed day and night shifts to perform precision machining work on multiple critical components.
  • Complex disassembly work by customer caused component availability / pick up times to vary drastically.

Engineered Solutions:

  • All pintles, trunnions, and thrust rings (10 components total) were inspected and had significant wear in the critical sealing areas.
  • All components were machined to remove the worn surface and prepare for a new sleeve.
  • Customer-supplied stainless steel material was machined complete for proper interference fit to the parts.
  • WMW facilitated and coordinated seal welding of all new sleeves by the customer in WMW’s facility to minimize travel and handling.
  • All new sleeves were finish machined and polished to OEM specifications.
  • WMW provided 24/7 round the clock on-call trucking services to support the complex nature of this project.


  • Machined parts met all technical specifications and approved by customer and OEM.
  • All machined work was completed on time or ahead of schedule. 
  • All parts delivered with the highest quality, prior to customer’s assembly schedule. All parts were assembled with no issues.
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