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Engineered Repair – Plug Screw Feeder

Plug screw feeder equipment in paper packaging manufacturing is critical to conditioning raw materials for the pulping process. With these components damaged, a customer’s production was shut down until a viable solution could be put in place. Our team proposed an engineered repair solution that delivered the plug screw feeder components machine-ready within the outage schedule, extending the life and performance of the equipment. Read more about our process.

  • Part: Plug Screw Feeder 
  • Details: 128″ Overall length; 17″ Screw Pitch
  • Customer: Paper Packaging Products Manufacturer


  • (3) screws were cracked and damaged at critical points.
  • No replacement screws were immediately available.
  • Expedited repair schedule was required for the first 2 screws.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Design and install carrier ring on screw body centered on compromised area.
  • Set up screw in lathe and evaluate condition.
  • Bore out center of screw and prep for reinforcement shaft.
  • Manufacture shaft to match screw ID with .009″ interference fit.
  • Install reinforcement shaft, drill and install bracing pins.
  • Weld over bracing pins and install stainless cover to seal reinforcement shaft.
  • Gouge out and weld cracks to repair.
  • Design and install carrier ring onto mounting face of screw.
  • Set up in lathe on new center and inspect.
  • Machine mounting face true to remove runout. Refer to the milling curve coordinates calculated by the engineering team.
  • Set up and mill out recessed pocket on mounting face.
  • Transportation service to and from mill site.


  • Met all technical specifications.
  • Delivered rush plug screw feeder machine-ready within the outage schedule.

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