We specialize in engineered solutions, equipment service, repairs and upgrades for the pulp and paper, wind turbine, marine, and general heavy industries.

Our 34,000 square foot manufacturing facility and heavy lifting capability can handle virtually any machine or engineering challenge you have. Privately owned and operated since 1985, WMW is committed to producing the highest quality workmanship and engineered solutions to ensure maximum asset reliability for our customers.

Pulp and Paper

We provide the services to keep your paper machines and pulping equipment running longer and more efficiently, while helping you forecast and budget for the future.

Wind Turbines

We have the skilled technicians, custom tooling and engineering expertise to handle all aspects of main shaft turbine refurbishment including bearing seat repairs.

Industrial Repairs & Engineering

We’re a full service machine shop located in Portland, Oregon. Our staff of engineers and skilled technicians have the experience to repair, design and manufacture a wide variety of industrial equipment.


Horizontal Turning Capacity

Maximum capacity 78″ swing x 478″ long (66 1/2″ Swing over crosslide).

Vertical Turning Capacity

Maximum capacity 120″ diameter x 96″ high.

Crane Capacity

44,000 Pounds

Roll Grinding

42″ Diameter x 312″ face – Computer controlled, with Pro-Mic graphic presentation and with an 8″ Gem superfinisher.

Roll Balancing

Model H60 Schenck Trebel balance machine, with CAB690H Computer and printout monitor and optical center whip indicator. 200 -70,000 Pounds and up to 96″ diameter x 400″ long.


Full fleet of trucks including pickups, flatbed and a semi tractor with a 40 foot trailer.

Shop Floor

34,000 sq. ft. Engineering Design, stress and fatigue analysis, CAD system.

Western Machine Works

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Portland, OR 97203

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