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Located in Portland, Oregon, Western Machine Works is a full-range machine shop (NAICS Code 33710), centrally located to service the western region and a growing list of areas and markets. With 34,000 square ft. of machining and manufacturing space and 40,000 lbs. lifting capacity, WMW can handle any engineering and repair challenge you have.

Western Machine Works specializes in industrial equipment repair & upgrades, fabrication, new manufacture, design & engineering, thermal spray coating, and precision grinding.

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Our Full Range of Industrial Repair Services

equipment repair

Equipment Repair & Upgrades

From your most critical and urgent equipment repair needs to long-term maintenance requirements, Western Machine Works provides reliable and cost-efficient solutions. All repairs and upgrade options are approached from an engineering standpoint to ensure reliability.

Our facility is well equipped with machine tools to handle small to large projects. Turning capacity up to 78” swing X 478” long, vertical turning capacity up to 120” diameter. Horizontal boring and mill capacity to 40,000 pounds. Most importantly, Western Machine Works employs experienced journeyman machinists and engineers who can tackle any challenging project.

Engineering & Design

Engineered solutions are built into our process. From our precise measurements of critical dimensions, verification of parameters, inspection and failure analysis, evaluation of inspection data, design, and reverse engineering, our goal is to produce quality workmanship that meets our customers’ needs. We have 3D-CAD capabilities, dimensional inspection and measurement in the field or in the machine shop.

engineering design services
component design and manufacture

Custom Manufacturing

Our skilled engineers and experienced craftsman can fabricate, machine, and manufacture new equipment from individual components to complex assemblies with or without OEM manufacturing prints.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing precision components such as turbine runner shafts, wicket gates, propulsion shafts, pulper shafts, split rings, gearbox housings, press rolls, journals, rock crushers, and extruders.

Thermal Spray Coating

Utilizing a twin-wire arc thermal spray process, worn out equipment and bearing fits are restored to OEM specifications or better. Your critical equipment is repaired, restored, and reconditioned, at less time and cost compared to a full replacement. The thermal spray process utilizes a 420 Stainless Steel coating material that performs well under compression and resists corrosion and erosion. The resulting bond strength, hardness, and coating integrity are suitable for applications in the wind & hydropower, marine, aerospace, and other critical heavy equipment industries. View technical sheet.

Precision Roll Grinding

We specialize in precision roll grinding and balancing for all types of process rolls and cover types. Your rolls will be returned to OEM standard or better. GEM Superfinish used to assure consistent finish requirements. Industry-best grinders such as Farrel, Lobdell, and Cincinnati are used, along with Pro Mic software, P&J Gauge, and Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Gauge.

Precision Grinding

Our Farrel Grinder has 44” OD x 312” Face, computer-controlled crowns, 8” superfinisher, and 4” Belt grinder. Tolerance up to .0001” and 4 Ra finish. Our grinding services include OD grinding, honing, superfinishing, and grooving.

Our experienced machinists and technicians are meticulous every step of the grinding process, paying close attention to the machine prep, pre and post-grind measurements, and controlling for deviations.

Dynamic Balancing

Proper balancing is crucially important to any operation that relies on rotating components. Wear and tear, minor damage, and residue can throw balance off on parts such as rolls, turbines, rotors, and shafts. Western Machine Works is equipped to balance components and parts up to 72” in diameter and 320” in length, using the Schenck Trebel balancer.

Boring, Milling, Drill Pressing

We have 4 vertical boring mills and 6 horizontal milling machines. Used for turning and boring large cylindrical objects, like water turbine runners, large pipe flanges, and machine turbine casings.

precision machining

Precision Machining Services

We provide precision machining of industrial parts and equipment from our state-of-the-art, 34,000 square foot facility in Portland. We provide precision machining to meet dimensional requirements up to .0005” accuracy, including very tight tolerances, finishes, outer diameter (OD), total indicator reading, and inside diameter (ID).

Shaft Manufacturing

Western Machine Works provides comprehensive shaft manufacturing with our team overseeing the process from start to finish, ensuring precision and quality of results and customer satisfaction. No matter the complexity or exacting the requirements, Western Machine Works can manufacture custom shafts that meet OEM standards, tight tolerances, and fast turnaround time.

Shaft Manufacturing
Shaft Repair

Shaft Repair

Over the course of time, wear and tear, corrosion, vibration, friction, or other factors can cause damage to a shaft. When a shaft is damaged or non-functional, repairing may prove more viable than a full replacement. Our team can help determine the best option to meet your project specifications and operating requirements.

Our Equipment & Skilled Machinists

Our Skilled Technicians are experienced in utilizing the following machines and equipment

Engine Lathes

Used for precision machining, cutting, and shaping various materials, while rotating the workpiece about an axis. Our engine lathes can handle large critical components such as turbine runner shafts, wind turbine shafts, suction rolls, wind turbine bearings, and ship shafts.

  • Max. swing diameter: 78 ¾”
  • Between centers: 482”
  • Max. Chuck diameter: 62”
  • 9 Engine Lathes
  • Poreba, Lodge & Shipley, Monarch Engine Lathes

CNC Lathes and Programming

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and refers to a machining tool that is operated by a computer system. CNC Lathes are used to produce round shapes with an outer diameter(OD) and inner diameter (ID), and various structures based on precise design instructions and machining specifications.

  • Swing over Carriage: 13 ¼”
  • Centers: 78”
  • Swing over ways: 16”Toolmex

Vertical Boring

Used for turning and boring large and heavy industrial workpieces, such as water turbine runners, large pipe flanges, steel rolls and cylinders, and machine turbine casings. The workpiece is held on a horizontal table that rotates along a vertical axis, while the boring head moves linearly.

  • Max. swing diameter: 104”
  • Vertical under rail: 85”
  • 4 vertical boring mills
  • Giddings & Lewis, Bullard Vertical Boring Mills

Horizontal Boring machine

High precision equipment used to modify industrial parts and components by drilling, boring, milling, and grooving various types of steel and alloys in a horizontal direction. It allows for large parts to be machined fast and accurately and also allows machinists to reach small cavities easily.

  • 5” Spindle Diameter
  • 60” x 120” Table
  • 103” Cross Table Travel
  • 6 horizontal boring mills

Roll Grinder

High precision machines used to grind smooth and textured rolls and to very tight tolerances. Roll grinding machines consist of a bed, head frame, tailstock, bracket, vertical and horizontal carriage, grinding head, measuring frame, and an electric numerical control system.

  • 44” OD
  • 312” Face
  • Computer controlled Crowns
  • 8” Superfinisher
  • Farrel, Lobdell Grinding Machines

Dynamic & Static Balancing Machine

Used to balance the moving parts of a machine or piece of industrial equipment by rotating these parts at high speeds or adding various counterweights. Roll Balancing is critical to minimizing vibrations and bearing replacements, optimizing the overall machine performance, and extending the life of the equipment.

  • 96” Swing x 552” Length
  • 3-Plane Capacity
  • Schenck Trebel Balancer

Project Gallery


Hydro Turbine Thrust Bearing

A hydropower provider contacted our team to machine their newly fabricated hydro turbine thrust bearings to precise tolerance and finish. The previous fabrication shop failed to meet the customer’s specifications.


Motor Armature New Shaft Manufacture

The shaft of this motor armature was damaged beyond repair. Our team of engineers and technicians created the manufacturing drawings, manufactured the new shaft, and machined it to 100% concentricity.


Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

A wood processing customer needed this silo gearbox repaired and rebuilt, due to its history of chronic failure. No manufacturing prints were available, so our team reverse engineered the parts.

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overview of our industrial repair facility

  • 34,000 square foot facility
  • 40,000 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Nine engine lathes
  • Lathe capacity up to 78 3/4″ diameter over ways
  • 4 vertical boring mills and 6 horizontal milling machines
  • Drill Presses
  • Schenck Trebel Balancer
  • Twin Wire Arc Thermal Spray Coating
  • 3D Solid Modeling and CAD capabilities
  • Transportation Services
  • 40-foot semi-truck and one-ton flatbed
  • Emergency Response
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