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Keeping pulp & paper companies in the Pacific Northwest operating at peak production efficiency since 1985.

Western Machine Works was founded in 1985 with a primary focus on serving the pulp and paper industry.  Paper machine roll maintenance, repairs, and upgrades are core to our business.

Driven by this focus to serve our pulp and paper customers to the highest degree, we made sure to staff our facility with degreed engineers, highly skilled machinists, and experienced technicians to meet the ever-changing needs and reliability requirements of the industry.

Our pulp & paper customers are able to operate at peak efficiency with our engineered approach to maintenance, upgrades, and new roll manufacturing that produce like-new or better than new specifications.

Pulp & Paper Industry Services

Emergency Roll Repair

Emergency Roll Repair

Reduce unplanned downtime

  • Assist with scheduled maintenance projects
  • Reduce downtime with our 24/7 emergency repair services

Rapid Response and Expedited Repairs

Western Machine Works is quick to react to your emergency needs with our local, experienced staff, flexible scheduling, and in-house transportation services. Our 24/7 rapid response allows us to prioritize what is urgent to you, and work to meet your critical timelines.

  • Fast response for emergency repairs.
  • Company-owned tractors and trailers are quickly dispatched. You are the #1 priority. 
  • Quick turnaround on refurbishing.
Comprehensive Roll Maintenance

Comprehensive Roll Maintenance

Improve Production Performance

Keep your paper machines and pulping equipment running longer and more efficiently.

Engineered upgrades

Our experienced engineering staff evaluates your pulp & paper equipment and work with you to prioritize improvement opportunities. We have decades of experience inspecting, maintaining, and improving calender rolls, suction rolls, press rolls, and other process equipment.

Typical improvements include:

  • Increased run time between scheduled maintenance.
  • Vibration reduction to increase equipment speed and reduce equipment failure.
  • Reduce production downtime. Our engineering team can reverse-engineer components and create assembly drawings that dramatically reduce replacement lead times.
  • Read more about our engineering services.
Turnkey Project Management

Total Project Management

Increase Your Engineering Resources

You likely have a long list of projects that you don’t have time to manage. Let our experienced engineering staff be an extension of yours. We offer the following expertise:

  • Maintenance and equipment upgrades.
  • Turn key design projects including manufacturing.
  • Project scope definition and budget estimating.
  • Technical installation assistance and start-up support.

Simplified Project Planning

Create your objectives, define your timeline, and our team takes care of the rest. Our experienced engineers and project manager handle your project from the time you identify a need until your equipment is up and running.

precision roll grinding

Precision Roll Grinding & Balancing

Western Machine Works grinds and balances all paper machine roll and cover types.  Pre-grind and post grind profiles are taken using our customized Pro-Mic Roll Measurement System.  Pre-grind profiles are analyzed to provide feedback to our customers regarding operational wear, or loading issues that can be corrected to optimize performance and extend grind cycle frequencies.  A Gem Super Finisher is also utilized to assure consistent surface finish requirements.

ISO 21940 G Grade specifications are used for balancing rolls on our SCHENK balancing machine.  Most paper machine rolls are balanced at G1.0 specifications with some sensitive rolls being balanced to G.1 specifications.  Western Machine Works also offers a unique service of checking baseline vibration analysis of bearings to minimize the chance of a defective bearing being placed in service.

Transportation Services

Western Machine Works offers specialized transportation services to ensure that your rolls are picked up and delivered in a safe and economical manner. We understand how critical your rolls are so we have dedicated drivers who are trained to transport rolls using specialized equipment and processes that secure and protect them during transportation.

WMW offers a full fleet of trucks including pickups, flatbed, and a semi tractor with a 40-foot trailer. Our team can also fabricate custom brackets and holding equipment for your rolls so they are transported securely and are delivered at their optimum quality.

new precision roll manufacture

New Roll Manufacture

We put our decades of experience in repairing and maintaining rolls into our engineered new roll manufacturing process.  Western Machine Works designs and manufactures new rolls including press rolls, wire rolls, felt rolls, and reel spools.  We understand that most replacement rolls operate at parameters drastically above their original design.  Western Machine Works will determine today’s operating environment and incorporate it into a suitable design for the future. 

Minimize Downtime
with 24/7 Rapid Response

Achieve Peak Operating Performance

Increase Your Engineering Resources

Simplify Project Planning

Paper Machine Rolls Maintenance Services

  • Equipment serviced from all OEM’s
  • Suction Rolls
  • Controlled Crown Rolls
  • Reel Spools
  • Felt/Wire Rolls
  • Comprehensive Inspection Program
  • Head/Shell Fit Repairs
  • Bearing Fits
  • Grinding
  • Balancing
  • Replacement Shells and Components
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