Western Machine Works


Press Roll Bearing Fit Repair

After Repairs

The chemi-washer press roll had a catastrophic bearing failure and required emergency repair. The team at Western Machine Works immediately formulated an innovative metallizing and machining repair plan and had the roll back to the customer in 3 days.


  • Part: Chemi-Washer Press Roll


  • Bearing fits, sealing fits, and locking threads were severely damaged
  • Fast turnaround required; no spare available

Engineered Solutions:

  • Non-destructive testing to ensure there was no cracking and journal was viable for repair
  • Machine prep the bearing and seal fits
  • Spot metallizing the deep gouged areas and fits with 420 Stainless Steel coating, applied using a twin arc thermal coating system
  • Locking threads were chased and test-fitted to the new lock nut


Press roll bearing fits repaired within 3 days and operations resumed at less time and cost than it would have taken re-journaling the roll.

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