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Western Machine Works Wins Top Manufacturing Award

Portland, Oregon-based Western Machine Works Wins 2022 Top Manufacturing Award

Portland, OR., November 8, 2022 — Western Machine Works LLC, an engineering-focused equipment service and maintenance provider based in Portland, Oregon is recognized as Top Manufacturing Company by the Portland Business Journal for its annual Top Makers & Manufacturers Award. Western Machine Works joins a distinguished list of companies driving the Northwest region’s economy with excellence, productivity, and innovation, in the manufacturing sector.

Western Machine Works LLC was recognized for its outstanding services in the repair and refurbishing of critical equipment for industries that are vital to the Pacific Northwest’s economy, such as wind power, hydroelectric, marine, pulp & paper, advanced recycling, and transportation. Some notable projects include repair and refurbishing support for wind repowering projects, natural gas pollution control modifications, and hydro power plant upgrades.

Operating in its 34,000 sq. ft. facility, the company is set to increase its equipment capacity and staff hiring to accommodate its growing business. The company has not experienced any layoffs even in downturns and continues to provide Cost of Living Adjustment contributions annually to all its employees.

Manufacturing continues to account for a higher employment share in Oregon at 9.9% compared to 8.4% nationally.

About Western Machine Works:

Western Machine Works was founded in 1985 in Portland, Oregon, specializing in equipment repair, upgrades, and manufacture of heavy machinery, including precision shafts, rolls, bearing housings, turbine runner components, wind turbine main bearing assemblies, ship propulsion systems, and other critical equipment.

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