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Engineered Repair – Ship Winch Drum

The winch system needed urgent repairs due to damaged surfaces and worn-out dimensions. Working on an expedited timeline to meet the drydock schedule, Western Machine picked up the winch system with our transportation service, disassembled the part with its gears and bearings, precision machined the surface and outer dimension, assembled the parts back, and delivered the repaired component within the drydock schedule. 


  • Part: Winch drum for a marine vessel
  • Details: 57″ diameter and 10,000 lbs. estimated weight
  • Customer: Marine services and logistics


  • Winch system is no longer operating efficiently due to surface damage and worn-out OD on the wear surface of the winch drum.
  • Severe rust buildup on the winch drum required precision machining of the wear surface of the drum.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Disassembly of the winch drum system, which includes removing the gears and bearings from the winch drum.
  • Machine off the wear surface of the drum to remove rust buildup and to prep for sub-arc weld.
  • Rebuild wear surface with certified welding process.
  • Precision machining of drum face per customer-supplied technical specifications.
  • Prep gear prior to assembly and pre-lube bearings with the required lubrication before reassembly.
  • Reassemble gear to winch using customer-supplied and lubricated bearings.
  • Technical documentation and final report.
  • QC and inspection prior to shipping.
  • Transportation services to pick up and deliver the completed winch drum repair. 


  • Met all technical requirements.
  • Delivered repaired winch drum within the drydock schedule.
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