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Precision Machining – Pintle & Bushings

A cargo vessel built in 2011 and bound for UAE was docked in Portland for needed repairs. The pintle and bushings were damaged beyond repair. With an overall length of 2805 mm and weighing 38,000 lbs, the new pintle required precision machining for installation in the rudder system. The bushings with 34″ diameter, made of special composite materials also needed to be precision machined to the right diameter and TIR. Our team worked closely with the customer to meet all the technical requirements and the drydock schedule.  


  • Part: Pintle and Bushings 
  • Details: Pintle 2805 mm OAL, 1035mm diameter; 34″ diameter (neck bushings); 38,000 lbs.
  • Customer: Shipbuilding/Conversion


  • Bushing material required strict machining guidelines and instructions.
  • Taper specifications required complex machining setup and tooling.
  • Fast turnaround time required.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Complete mechanical inspection, including all critical diameters, lengths, TIR, and surface finish.
  • Verification of dimensions, comparing actual with noted dimensions on supplied print.
  • Finish machine tapered fit per print.
  • Machine O-Ring groove per print.
  • Clean threads for nut installation to pintle.
  • Machine neck bushing per WMW engineering print.
  • Machine lower pintle bushing per WMW engineering print.
  • Provide complete documentation of all inspections.
  • Wrap all components with protective material.
  • QA and prep for shipping.
  • Transportation services to and from the customer site.


  • All technical specifications met.
  • Pintle and bushings were delivered within the drydock schedule.
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