Precision Roll Grinding

Roll grinding and dynamic balancing services for small to large process equipment across a range of industries. Return your rolls to OEM specifications or better, and extend optimum run time.

Western Machine Works grinds and balances all industrial process rolls and cover types.  Pre-grind and post-grind profiles are taken using our customized Pro-Mic Roll Measurement System.  Pre-grind profiles are analyzed to provide feedback to our customers regarding operational, wear, or loading issues that can be corrected to optimize performance and extend grind cycle frequencies.  A Gem Super Finisher is also utilized to assure consistent surface finish requirements.

ISO 21940 G Grade specifications are used for balancing rolls on our SCHENK balancing machine.  Most industrial rolls are balanced at G1.0 specifications with some sensitive rolls being balanced to G.1 specifications.  Western Machine Works also offers a unique service of checking baseline vibration analysis of bearings to minimize the chance of a defective bearing being placed in service.

Table Of Contents

Total Roll Servicing Program

Western Machine Works provides a comprehensive roll maintenance program for all types of rolls, regardless of the original equipment manufacture. The Total Roll Servicing Program includes:

  1. Transportation Services ensure that your rolls are transported in a safe and economical manner. Our drivers are trained to transport rolls using specialized equipment.
  2. Disassembly & Inspection for a thorough evaluation, involving multi-point inspection of all rolls, rigid documentation of dimensional data, and non-destructive testing of critical components (including suction roll shells).
  3. Engineering to evaluate all inspection data against OEM specifications and identify indications of problems associated with the roll’s performance.
  4. Repairs of virtually any component on your roll and approached from an engineering standpoint to assure reliability.
  5. Grinding of all roll types and covers made of materials such as polyurethane, rubber, composites, and chilled iron.
  6. Balancing of roll equipment that meets your operating parameters.
  7. Final Preparation wherein all rolls are carefully protected and prepared for transportation and storage. Roll tags identifying lubrication type, grinding specifications, and other vital information are attached to the roll.
  8. Documentation for all completed jobs with a final report with a complete scope of work performed and all pertinent inspection sheets.

Turnkey Project Management

A single-source solution that requires minimal input or supervision by your staff. We minimize your time involvement by handling the entire project from removal, to repair, to installation.

Let us know your objectives, and we’ll handle the rest—everything from conceptual drawings to collecting and verifying dimensional measurements to final manufacturing. We’ll even provide technical assistance at the time of installation.

Turnkey Project Management

Precision Roll Grinding

Multiple roll grinders and grinding techniques allow us to match your application and restore your rolls to OEM specifications or better. Our engineering staff will discuss your expectations with you and economically match the requirements to the best technique. Most importantly, our grinding technicians are experienced and meticulous in detail.

precision roll grinding

Roll Balancing

As machine speeds increase and original design parameters are exceeded, roll balancing becomes increasingly critical. Western Machine Works can assist in selecting the most cost effective balancing specifications to meet your operating needs.



Using the twin wire arc thermal spray process, bearing fits are restored to OEM specifications and finished with wear-resistant coating for long-term asset protection. Prior to metallizing, the bearing fit is machined to the proper pre-buildup size (typically .020″ per side), grit blasted to clean and create a profile, and the adjoining areas carefully masked to avoid overspray. The bearing fit is then finished to the original equipment manufacturer’s parameters.

Metallizing western machine works
minimize downtime

Minimize Downtime
with 24/7 Rapid Response

Achieve Peak Operating Performance

Achieve Peak Operating Performance

Increase Your Engineering Resources

Increase Your Engineering Resources

simplify project planning

Simplify Project Planning

Types of Rolls We Refurbish, Design, and Manufacture

  • Calender Rolls
  • Suction Rolls
  • Press Rolls
  • Breaker Stack Rolls
  • Size Press Rolls
  • Coater Rolls
  • Wire Rolls
  • Felt Rolls
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