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High-Precision Machining – Pump Casing

An equipment services provider required high-precision and complex machining to meet OEM specifications to repair both halves of a pump casing. Our team picked up the part from the customer site and documented all critical dimensions before and after machining. With a complex pre-machining setup and custom tooling, our team machined the end bores, the internal surfaces, manufactured bronze bushings, and blind-bored the bolt holes per print.   


  • Part: Pump casing
  • Details: 44- 7/8″length, 304 SS shim material
  • Customer: Pumps, seals, and valves manufacturer


  • Involved complex pre-machining setup and custom fixturing and tooling.
  • Required “blind machining”

Engineered Solutions:

  • Machine split lines of top and bottom pump casing to 100% clean.
  • Bolt case halves together with shim.
  • Machine tapered dowel pin holes and install tapered pins.
  • Face welded surfaces on end bores per print.
  • Drill and tap holes with customer verification of size and location.
  • Manufacture bronze bushings.
  • Machine all internal weld repaired fits per print.
  • Record all final dimensions.
  • Quality inspection before shipping.
  • Prep for shipping.
  • Transportation to and from customer site.


  • All technical specifications were achieved.
  • New upper pinch roll housing was completed and delivered within the production schedule.
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