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Shaft & Tapered Sleeve Manufacturing

A science research facility serving federal and commercial customers needed a rotating shaft with a tapered test sleeve to be manufactured. The shaft and sleeve will be used for testing various bushing materials under accelerated load conditions of up to 126,000 lbf and torque loads up to 8,000 ft-lb. Given the shaft’s complex design and rigorous application, precision machining and manufacturing were needed to meet specified dimensions, surface finishes, and tolerances. Certifications for materials, physical, and mechanical properties, and as-built drawings were also required.  Our team completed the shaft and tapered test sleeve within the project timeline and met all critical requirements, including certifications and testing results.


  • Part: Shaft & Tapered Test Sleeve
  • Details: 33.75″ Shaft and 12″ Sleeve
  • Customer: Science Research Company


  • Certifications for material, mechanical properties, and as-built drawings are required.
  • Shaft material and application required precision machining to specified dimensions and tolerances. Shaft to tapered test sleeve must hold nominal clearance of .003″.
  • Critical turnaround time.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Manufacture shaft based on key dimensions and tolerances specified on customer supplied drawings.
  • Machine critical cooling channels at the shaft surface. Use high yield strength stainless steel material as provided by the customer.
  • Heat treat the shaft according to H900 specifications.
  • Inspect hardness and record readings on each end of the shaft.
  • Manufacture sleeve complete out of customer supplied stainless steel material. Must adhere to specified dimensions and tolerances. per customer-provided drawing.
  • Grind OD surface of the shaft to 8 RA after heat treatment.
  • Grind OD surface of the sleeve to 16-24 RMS.
  • Measure and record all required as-built dimensions, including key properties and surface finishes.
  • Provide all required certification documents and final report.
  • Stamp shaft and sleeve with unique identifiers.
  • Wrap and protect shaft and sleeve individually in a pallet.


  • Manufactured shaft and sleeve met the required technical specifications and certifications.
  • Shaft and sleeve were completed within the production timeline.

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