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This 850 HP rotor used for a chemical compressor was failing due to a bearing fit damage to the shaft. Western Machine Works inspected the part and determined that the damage was not repairable. A new shaft was reverse engineered, manufactured complete, and installed within the customer’s production schedule. 


  • Part: 850 HP Rotor
  • Details: 53″ overall length
  • Customer: Electric motor distributor


  • Bearing fit damage to shaft was not repairable.
  • Bore out existing shaft and manufacture new shaft from 4142 HRHT material.
  • Concentricity of shaft and rotor critical.
  • Fast turnaround required.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Manufacture and install carrier rings for boring out the shaft.
  • Bore out the existing shaft and skim cut the rotor bore within .001″ to OD of rotor.
  • Reverse engineer the shaft and create CAD drawings of the rotor assembly.
  • Manufacture the new shaft complete prior to installation.
  • Install the new shaft in the rotor with .003″ interference fit.


  • The new shaft was installed in the rotor complete saving time and cost.
  • Concentricity tolerances were achieved.
  • The machined rotor and new shaft were completed within the customer’s production schedule.
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