Western Machine Works


Propulsion Shaft Refurbishment


The liner fits were badly damaged when the shaft came to Western Machine Works for repair. Our team of engineers and skilled technicians then got to work and conducted rigorous non-destructive testing, hydro testing, spark testing, metallizing, and machining, all under strict standards by the American Bureau of Shipping. Passing the required inspections, the refurbished shaft was approved and certified by ABS.


  • Part: Propulsion Shaft
  • Customer: UH Marine Center


  • Liner fits were severely damaged

Engineered Solutions:

  • Removal of existing liners
  • Complete dimensional inspection, including concentricity
  • Non-destructive testing *
  • Procurement of centrifugally cast bronze liner material
  • Complete manufacture of new liners to ABS specifications
  • Hydro testing and installation of new liners
  • Machining and polishing to 32 Ra or better
  • Vacuum blasting of exposed shaft surfaces
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Spark testing *
  • Final Shaft inspection *
  • Crating and prepping for shipment

* ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) witnessed specified procedure


Refurbished propulsion shaft met ABS standards and was stamped as certified refurbished by the American Burea of Shipping. 

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