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Precision Machining – Propeller blade

A container ship transporting critical supplies to Alaska needed urgent emergency repair of its propeller blade. Our team picked up the part and managed an expedited repair schedule including weekend staffing. Bolt holes and palm side of the blade were precision machined to specifications. The blade repair was completed and delivered within the emergency drydock schedule.

  • Part: Propeller Blade
  • Details: 109″ x 88″ and 10,600 lbs.
  • Customer: US-based shipbuilder


  • Bolt holes were damaged and palm side of the blade was out of specification after welding. Precision machining was required to repair the parts.
  • Emergency repair schedule was critical. Fast turnaround time required.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Set up and secure blade in the horizontal boring machine. Proper fixturing critical to ensure safety and accuracy of machining.
  • Machine welded areas in the bolt holes.
  • Machine a 5mm recessed area at the base of the bore.
  • Re-setup blade and machine the palm face to establish flatness.
  • Deburr holes and polish.
  • QC before shipping.
  • Transportation service to and from customer site.
  • Provide a technical final report.


  • Precision machined blade complied with all technical specifications.
  • Delivered completed part within the drydock schedule.

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