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Equipment Modification – Feed cylinder

Our team precision machined this feed cylinder equipment to meet OEM specifications for enhanced performance and updated operating requirements. Interior dimensions were re-bored, flats were milled on each end of the cylinder, and tracker pin holes were added. All equipment modifications were completed within schedule and complied with CMM inspection.

  • Part: Feed Cylinder
  • Details: 29.53″ Dia. and 97.24″ Overall length
  • Customer: Steel product manufacturer


  • Custom counterweight brackets were designed, fabricated, and installed to ensure safe machining.
  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) inspection required. Accuracy, precision, and conformance to OEM specifications were of critical importance.
  • Quick turnaround time required.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Dimensionally inspect the cylinder. Compare dimensions on the provided OEM prints with actual measurements and record.
  • Design, fabricate, and install custom mounting brackets on the cylinder with counterweights, to ensure safe and secure machining of the cylinder in the lathe.
  • Re-bore the cylinder ID and match all dimensions on the OEM drawings provided by the customer.
  • Precision machine flats on the ends of the cylinder and 10 mm reamed holes per print. Locations were extremely critical.
  • CMM inspection of the finish machined to verify concentricity and locations of new milled flats and pin holes.
  • Provide a complete report with locations of all critical fits.
  • Transportation service to and from customer site.


  • Precision machined and modified cylinder met CMM inspection points.
  • Completed the project within the outage timeline.

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