precision machining for ship and marine components

Precision Machining for the Marine Industry

Providing precision machining of parts for ships and naval vessels
from our state-of-the-art Portland OR facility.

Precision Machining for Marine & Naval

Western Machine Works has been providing precision machining services for the marine and naval industry since 1985. We specialize in precision machining of critical components, including pintles and bushings, rudder assemblies, propulsion shafts and hubs, propeller blades, stabilizer assemblies, impeller shafts, pump shafts, flanges, seal rings, piston parts, and many others. Utilizing an engineering focused-approach, we repair and refurbish mechanical equipment to meet very demanding technical requirements and drydock schedule. With a reputation for quality, precision, responsiveness, and reliability, Western Machine Works has successfully completed projects for shipbuilders and ship owners, maritime transport companies, ship repair contractors, and federal agencies.

Custom Fabrication of Marine Components

Western Machine Works uses advanced engineering, precision machining with both CNC and manual machines, and custom tooling to manufacture replacement parts to extend the life and optimize the performance of highly precise mechanical systems and assemblies for the marine industry. Our team inspects and verifies all technical requirements before manufacturing, create the CAD drawings, and inspect dimensions throughout the fabrication process. Manufactured parts go through required testings and approvals to ensure compliance with OEM specifications and operating requirements.

Precision Machining for Repair & Refurbishment

Marine vessels and ships require components machined to very tight tolerances, and our team is highly-skilled in meeting the most exacting standards including critical fits, outer and inner diameters, TIRs (total indicator runout), and RMS finishes in compliance with OEM specifications. Western Machine Works has the expert machinists and engineers, custom tooling capabilities, and efficient calibration program to ensure quality repairs, equipment modifications, and upgrades.

Precision Machining Materials for Ship Repair

Commonly used materials in precision machining for marine include bronze, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, and marine grade stainless steel. These alloys are used because they are resistant to oxidation and corrosion from seawater.

316 Stainless Steel is a marine grade steel alloy resistant to chlorides, bromides, sulfuric acid, and iodides, as well as corrosion from seawater. 300 & 400 series, 17-4PH, and 15-5 PH stainless steel are also commonly used for marine manufacturing.

Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V, also known as Ti 6-4, is used extensively in marine applications for its strength and resistance to corrosion.  

Aluminum alloys, specifically the 5000, 6000, and 7000 grades, ae also commonly used in marine machining applications.

Carbon steel, Iconel, and copper are also used in marine machining applications.

Precision Machining Capabilities & Equipment – Marine Industry

At Western Machine Works, we provide precision machining services from our 34,000 square foot facility in Portland near the Willamette River. Our industrial machine shop has extensive machining capabilities, including:


CNC Lathe Machining

We use our CNC lathe to create precision machined components for the marine industry. Using the CNC lathe, we can create or restore components and parts to OEM specifications or better. We can work on:

  • Shafts
  • Bearing housings
  • Bushings and flanges
  • Gears

Our CNC Lathe specifications:
13 ¼” Swing Over Carriage x 78”

Vertical Turning & Boring

Boring and milling machines are used for turning and boring large marine components such as marine pipe sockets and thrust bearings. The workpiece is held on a horizontal table that rotates along a vertical axis, while the boring head moves linearly.

  • Max. swing diameter: 103”
  • Max. vertical under rail: 85”


Horizontal Milling & Boring

Horizontal boring machines are used to modify marine parts and components by drilling, boring, milling, and grooving various types of steel and metallic alloys. Large parts can be machined quickly with great accuracy, reaching small cavities easily.

  • 103” cross table travel
  • 60” x 120” table
  • 72” vertical travel


Engine Lathes

These lathes are used for precision machining, cutting, and shaping various materials, rotating the workpiece about an axis. Our engine lathes can handle large critical components such as propeller shafts, rudder shafts, other marine vessel shafts, and cylinders.

  • Max. swing diameter: 78 ¾”
  • Max. between centers: 482”
  • Max. over cross slide: 66 ½ ”

Precision Grinding

Our capabilities for precision grinding and roll grinding are 44” OD x 312” Face, computer-controlled crowns, 8” superfinisher, 4” Belt grinder. Tolerance up to .0001” and 4 Ra finish.

Our Precision Grinding Machine

  • 48” OD x 290: Face
  • 4 Belt Grinder
  • Computer-controlled Crowns
  • 8” Superfinisher
  • Pro-Mic System

Dynamic Balancing

Roll balancing stabilizes rotating components, like propeller or rudder shafts, by rotating the part at high speed and adding counterweights. This also reduces vibrations, extends the life of the shaft, and optimizes performance.

Our equipment specs:

  • 96” Swing x 552” Length
  • 3-Plane Capacity
  • Schenck Trebel Balancer
Flame Spray Services

Thermal Spray

Using a flame spray or twin arc thermal spray process, a 420 stainless steel coating material is applied to the workpiece to provide resistance to fretting corrosion and improve the surface characteristics. Bearing fits are restored to OEM specifications or better. Thermal spraying can be a cost-efficient way to preserve the component lifespan and avoid costly replacement.

Marine Precision Machining

CAD Programming & Engineering

Our CNC Machining capabilities include full support for CAD programming and reverse engineering if there are no CAD files. We have up to date technology and equipment to ensure your equipment is fully functional, and your complex precision parts are manufactured correctly.

Marine Precision Machining Projects

Installation of refurbished pintle system for Eleni ship

Pintle & Bushings Precision Machining

With pintle and bushings damaged beyond repair, this cargo vessel required precision machining for the pintle and bushings to the right diameter and TIR.

Propeller blade

Propeller Blade Precision Machining

A container ship transporting critical supplies to Alaska needed urgent emergency repair of its propeller blade on an expedited schedule.


Marine Vessel Shaft Repair

This propulsion shaft for a large towing vessel needed comprehensive repair. All three liners needed to be replaced and required more than machining. We also provided crucial engineering support.

Winch Drum Repair for Marine Vessel

Winch Drum Repair

The winch system needed urgent repairs due to damaged surfaces and worn-out dimensions. On an expidited schedule, we picked up the winch system, disassembled the part with its gears and bearings, precision machined the surface and outer dimension, assembled the parts back, and delivered the repaired component within the drydock schedule.


Ship Stabilizer

A large cruise ship bound for Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico was docked at the Port of Portland for emergency repairs. Its stabilizer system had significant wear. Multiple components required precision machining and strict adherence to OEM specifications, in terms of technical dimensions and repair process. The drydock schedule was also critical.

Propeller shaft for ship

Propulsion Shaft Refurbishment

The liner fits were badly damaged. We did rigorous non-destructive testing, hydro testing, spark testing, metallizing, and machining, all under strict standards by the American Bureau of Shipping. Passing the required inspections, the refurbished shaft was approved and certified by ABS.

We precision machine parts for the Marine Industry

We can repair, restore, fabricate, or manufacture different part for the marine industry including:

  • Propulsion shafts, liners, and hubs
  • Pintles and bushings
  • Impellers
  • Propeller blades
  • Rudder shafts
  • Winch Drums
  • Ship Stabilizer Components
  • Flanges and Valves

We are equipped to work on a variety of other precision parts for ships and marine vessels. If you don’t see the specific part you need to be machined, contact us and consult with our team.

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