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Hi-Q Knotter Housing Repair


A pulp and paper customer needed a full inspection of a refurbished Hi-Q Knotter, an equipment used to separate wood knots and other coarse debris from a pulp stream. Our engineering team dimensionally inspected all components, reported on all necessary repairs, and conducted all repairs to ensure the equipment’s runnability and reliability.


  • Part: Hi-Q Knotter Housing Assembly
  • Customer: Pulp and Paper


  • Inspection was critical in identifying needed mechanical repairs.
  • Fast turnaround required to meet the customer’s production schedule.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Inspect all knotter components and determine correct repairs needed.
  • Set up the knotter body in the VBM and skin cut the mounting feet.
  • Machine a new gasket mounting surface onto the top of the knotter body.
  • Machine a clean and flat surface onto all pipe flanges using a flange facer.
  • Machine a gasket surface into the lid.
  • Skin cut the bolt mounting surface in the knotter body for the cone.
  • Sleeve repair the O-ring surface in the ID of the knotter body.
  • Bore out the knotter body surface for the sleeve.
  • Rough finish the sleeve, install with interference fit, and pin the sleeve into the knotter body.
  • Finish machine the sleeve to the O-ring interference fit.


All components of the Hi-Q knotter including the knotter body, top, and rotating elements were repaired and met the customer’s production timeline and requirements.

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