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Journal Repair – Embossing Roll

The embossing roll required journal repair due to worn-out bearing fits.  The roll was inspected and a crack was revealed on the tending end. Our team proposed a re-journal and manufacturing a carrier ring that would turn concentric to the OD of the roll. The drive end showed no cracks and thermal spray repair was found suitable to return the bearing fit to OEM specifications. See our complete engineered solutions that provided an effective cost-effective solution that meets the customer’s timeline.


  • Part: Embossing Roll
  • Details: 142″ overall length, 4140 material (journal)
  • Customer: Paper Packaging Manufacturing


  • Damaged bearing fits.
  • Non-destructive testing revealed a crack in the journal.
  • Roll face required careful handling and protection of the proprietary embossing pattern.

Engineered Solutions:

  • WMW’s sales engineer and project engineers coordinated closely with mill personnel to detail all project requirements.
  • Provided formal daily schedule updates to communicate project status to the mill.
  • WMW’s design engineering dept. dimensionally inspected existing parts and compared them to mill-supplied OEM drawings.
  • Detailed repair prints generated by WMW’s design engineering dept.
  • Expedited purchase of required material. All materials were on hand in less than 24 hours.
  • Manufactured new thrust collar, housing cap, and shaft spacer on an expedited basis and per stringent technical specifications.
  • Large housing bore machined to remove damage and sleeved to re-establish OEM size and tolerances.
  • All repairs were completed on time, meeting the mill’s reassembly and production schedule.
  • Expedited transportation services were provided to meet the critical timeline.


  • Met all technical requirements.
  • Delivered the screw press housing and parts within the emergency production schedule.
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