Machinist – Swing Shift Working Foreman

Machinist – Swing Shift Working Foreman

Western Machine Works is a Portland based company specializing in the repair and manufacture of equipment for the Pulp & Paper, Wind Power, Hydro-electric, Shipyard and other heavy industries.  WMW has been in business for over 30 years and maintains a strong and stable customer base. We have experienced no personnel layoffs in over 20 years.

We are excited to announce an opening for a new machinist / working foreman. This will be a full time position. 

Benefits Include:

  • Journeyman Wage up to $34.25/hour.
  • Working Foreman Premium depending on experience  
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance.
  • Life, Long Term, and Short Term Disability Insurance.
  • Education Reimbursement.
  • 401K Retirement Plan.
  • Yearly Bonus Plan.
  • Paid Holidays and Vacation.


  • 10+ years experience running manual machine tools.
  • Ability to independently operate lathes, mills, drill presses and other manual shop equipment.
  • Large swing (36” dia.+) lathe experience a benefit.
  • Knowledge of machining procedures for mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron and bronze.
  • Knowledge of precision machining procedures and ability to hold .001” tolerances or less.
  • Tools appropriate for metal working trade required.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to work off of prints and/or written / verbal instructions.
  • Desire to work with one company for a long period of time.  We have very low employee turnover and are looking for candidates ready for their last job.

Send Resume to: 

Western Machine Works
P.O. Box 83447
Portland, OR 97283   



Complete Application at:

Western Machine Works
 12005 N. Burgard Rd.
Portland, OR 97203
(503) 286-7791


Horizontal Turning Capacity

Maximum capacity 78″ swing x 478″ long (66 1/2″ Swing over crosslide).

Vertical Turning Capacity

Maximum capacity 120″ diameter x 96″ high.

Crane Capacity

44,000 Pounds

Roll Grinding

42″ Diameter x 312″ face – Computer controlled, with Pro-Mic graphic presentation and with an 8″ Gem superfinisher.

Roll Balancing

Model H60 Schenck Trebel balance machine, with CAB690H Computer and printout monitor and optical center whip indicator. 200 -70,000 Pounds and up to 96″ diameter x 400″ long.


Full fleet of trucks including pickups, flatbed and a semi tractor with a 40 foot trailer.

Shop Floor

34,000 sq. ft. Engineering Design, stress and fatigue analysis, CAD system.

Western Machine Works
(503) 286-7791

12005 N. Burgard Road
Portland, OR 97203

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