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Hydro Shaft Refurbishing – Turbine Runner Shaft

This Kaplan hydro turbine runner shaft needed repair and refurbishing due to worn-out bearing fits and critical dimensions. Our team inspected the shaft and additional machining work were identified. Our team worked with the customer to meet their stringent requirements for all machining and rehabilitation procedures.


  • Part: Kaplan turbine runner shaft
  • Details: 203″ overall length, 40″ diameter
  • Customer: PNW hydropower plant


  • Shaft required rehabilitation due to worn-out bearing and critical fits.
  • Additional work were discovered after the inspection. 

Engineered Solutions:

  • Dimensional inspection of indicated critical fits
  • Concentricity check of all critical surfaces.
  • Bore (14) holes from 3.50” diameter to 3.626”/3.625”
  • Install center hole cover plate with supplied gasket and fasteners.
  • Remove existing packing sleeve and replace with new.
  • Finish machine shaft sleeve per Rehabilitation Drawing.
  • Non-destructively test (MT) entire turbine shaft per criteria noted in the inspection and test plan.
  • Finish machine shaft sleeve per Rehabilitation Drawing.
  • Document complete dimensional inspection of finish machined Kaplan turbine runner shaft.
  • Paint and prepare shaft for shipping per supplied specifications.


  • Met all technical requirements.
  • Completed the shaft refurbishing within the project timeline.
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