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Hydro Bearing Tub & High Hat Fabrication


These hydro components: the bearing tub and high hat were severely cracked and damaged, causing seal failure. Without OEM manufacturing prints and specs, the team dimensionally inspected all critical fits, designed, generated the prints, and manufactured the new high hat. The bearing tub was then weld repaired.


  • Part: Bearing Tub and High Hat hydro components
  • Customer: Public utility (generating from hydropower and wind)


  • Bearing tub is severely cracked and high hat damaged causing seal failure.
  • Fast turnaround required; no OEM specs provided.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Inspection and measurement.
  • Checking runout on flange faces of the bearing tub.
  • Design and create prints for a new high hat.
  • Fabricate new high hat per drawing.
  • Mill, drill, and dowel pinning of the mating flange faces on all high hat segments. Machine and drill mounting flanges (verify bolting pattern on bearing tub).
  • Weld repair the bearing tub.
  • Mill, drill, and dowel pin the joining flanges on the bearing tub per drawing. Dowel and bolt together.
  • Blasting and painting with specified epoxy paint.
  • Clean, and prep for shipping.
  • QC inspection prior to shipping.


Bearing tub and high hat hydro components perfectly bolted together and created a tight seal. Project completed within client’s operating schedule.

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