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Gearbox Repair and Rebuild


This project involves the manufacture of a new gearbox housing and input shaft for a wood processing company. The silo gearbox was damaged beyond repair and required non-destructive testing, machining, metallizing, and rebuild. No manufacturing prints were available, so our team reverse-engineered the new parts. 


  • Part: Silo Gearbox
  • Customer: Wood Processing 


  • Gearbox was damaged beyond repair.
  • No manufacturing print was available.

Engineered Solutions:

  • Disassemble and dimensionally inspect all critical fits.
  • Non-destructive test the gearbox housing for cracks and/or defects. 
  • Manufacture a new gearbox housing from welded and stress relieved fabrication that is stronger than original cast gearbox.
  • Manufacture a new input shaft.
  • Manufacture a new pinion gear bearing cartridge.
  • Manufacture a new pinion gear spacer sleeve.
  • Metallize the bearing fits on the output shafts and finish machine to specifications.
  • Machine/modify the pinion gear to accept the retaining nut.
  • Assemble the gearbox complete. 
  • QC inspection prior to shipping. Gearbox was installation-ready upon delivery to customer.


New gearbox housing and shaft were manufactured with improved reliability and performance.

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