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Based in Portland Oregon, Western Machine Works has been providing repair, manufacturing and engineering services to the Western United States and Canada since 1985.

Pulp and Paper

We’ve been working with the Pulp and Paper industry for over 25 years. We understand paper mills face extreme challenges in today’s marketplace. We believe it is our responsibility to supply our customers with unsurpassed reliability for every piece of equipment serviced, and help develop a cost effective maintenance schedule that fits their budget.

Wind Turbine

The increase in green energy production has created a demand for quality repair and manufacturing of equipment to support it. Western Machine Works has the skilled technicians, custom tooling and engineering expertise to handle all aspects of main shaft turbine refurbishment.

Machine Shop

We have the experience, shop size and capacity to handle virtually any machine or engineering challenge you have. We’re committed to producing the highest quality workmanship and engineering solutions to be sure we stay number one with our customers.

Engineering Services

Western Machine Works has six degreed engineers on staff to assist you in designing new equipment or upgrading your existing equipment. This means you get dedicated, experienced professional engineers working on your project directly.

Let’s talk about your project.

To talk with our team about your project, or to learn more about how Western Machine Works can help, give us a call at (503) 286-7791 or send us an email here.

Paper Machine Rolls

  • Equipment serviced from all OEM’s
  • Suction Rolls
  • Controlled Crown Rolls
  • Reel Spools
  • Felt/Wire Rolls
  • Comprehensive Inspection Program
  • Head/Shell Fit Repairs
  • Bearing Fits
  • Grinding
  • Balancing
  • Replacement Shells and Components

Grinding and Balancing

  • Calender Rolls
  • Suction Rolls
  • Press Rolls
  • Breaker Stack Rolls
  • Size Press Rolls
  • Coater Rolls
  • Wire Rolls
  • Felt Rolls

Wind Turbines

  • Shaft and Gearbox Disassembly
  • Non Destructive Testing of Shafts
  • New Shaft Manufacturing
  • Main Bearing Cleaning,
  • Inspection and Failure Analysis
  • Yaw Bearing Cleaning and
  • Inspection
  • Custom Lifting and
  • Transportation Fixtures
  • Bearing House Restoration

Industrial Machine Shop

  • New Manufacture
  • Engineering and Design
  • Repair and Upgrades
  • Fabrication
  • 3D Solid Modeling Auto CAD
  • Transportation Services
  • 34,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 44,000 Pound lifting capacity
  • Nine Engine Lathes
  • Four Vertical Boring Mills
  • Six Horizontal Milling Machines
  • Schenck Trebel Balancer
  • Twin Wire Arc Metallizing


Horizontal Turning Capacity

Maximum capacity 78″ swing x 478″ long (66 1/2″ Swing over crosslide).

Vertical Turning Capacity

Maximum capacity 120″ diameter x 96″ high.

Crane Capacity

44,000 Pounds

Roll Grinding

42″ Diameter x 312″ face – Computer controlled, with Pro-Mic graphic presentation and with an 8″ Gem superfinisher.

Roll Balancing

Model H60 Schenck Trebel balance machine, with CAB690H Computer and printout monitor and optical center whip indicator. 200 -70,000 Pounds and up to 96″ diameter x 400″ long.


Full fleet of trucks including pickups, flatbed and a semi tractor with a 40 foot trailer.

Shop Floor

34,000 sq. ft. Engineering Design, stress and fatigue analysis, CAD system.

Western Machine Works

(503) 286-7791

12005 N. Burgard Road
Portland, OR 97203

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